On Korački vrh, on 300 m sea level, there is the old cellar of the Brumen family still preserved, it is an original and authentic building of cultural heritage. The cellar is at least 255 years old, which shows the year 1757 carved above the door. »Cimprača« is a building made of wooden logs, plastered from the outside and the inside with clay, where it was mixed with some straw. The roofing is linked with wooden tenons and covered with straw. The windows are small with mounted metal crosses, the floor is made of hard clay, old brick and wooden battens. The Brumen family owns their »cimprača« in the third generation. In the year 2011 the »cimprača« and the cellar were both renovated under the control of the Institute for the protection of cultural heritage of Slovenia Maribor. Inside the »cimprača« there are exhibited numerous old things, many kitchen helpers, like an old pot for fat from the year 1824 and good preserved cases for keeping clothes. The exhibited things show the former life and work on a farm. Also the wine cellar was renovated, which retained in its original condition. There the old wine dishes and equipment is exhibited that were used for winery; in old wooden wine barrels you can find the wine of the Brumen family. Beside the house there is the oldest descendant of the oldest vine in the world, the Žametovka (modra kavčina).

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