Gomila is a 352 m high observation hill in Slovenske gorice and at the same time the highest summit of the eastern part of Slovenske gorice, which represents the hub of four municipalities: Juršinci, Sveti Tomaž, Ljutomer and Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici. On the hill there was erected a 17,5 m high metal observation tower. First it was made of wood, but a thunderstorm demolished it. The current tower was used as an observation tower for the Yugoslav People’s Army. The tower was then dedicated to the inventor Janez Puh (1862-1914), a local from the nearby small village »Oblačjek«. The tower was opened to the public at the 130th anniversary of his birth. There lead many marked hiking and cycling paths pass it therefore there is the control point (KT-7). From the tower you have a beautiful view to Slovenske gorice, to the northeast over the field Mursko polje to Prekmurje, in the south over the field Ptujsko polje and Haloze to the hills Boč, Donačka gora and Maclelj down to Medvednica, in the west over Slovenske gorice to the mountain range of Pohorje. At the south slope of Gomila and its neighbouring hills there grow vine and fruit trees in the north there is broadleaf woodland. The houses on Gomila are a part of the spread village Senčak, which is divided into three municipalities.

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