Sveti Tomaž


The municipality Sveti Tomaž (Saint Thomas) originated on 1st March 2006 with the exclusion of the municipality from Ormož. The village spreads out on an area of 38 km2 and there are about 2174 inhabitants, who live in seventeen settlements: Sveti Tomaž, Koračice, Hranjigovci, Gornji Ključarovci, Savci, Rucmanci, Trnovci, Pršetinci, Senik, Mezgovci, Rakovci, Zagorje, Sejanci, Bratonečice, Mala vas, Gradišče in Senčak.

The village borders to four neighbour municipalities: Ormož, Dornava, Juršinci and Ljutomer.

Sveti Tomaž lies on the edges of Slovenske gorice (Slovenian hills) with a concentrated centre on the observation point of the ridge to the valley of the brook Lešnica. The area of the municipality Sveti Tomaž embraces the lowland along the brook Sejanski potok and the brook Lešnica and a hilly peak of the Tertiary hills of Slovenske gorice.

The municipality is mostly agricultural area and it is typical that it is scattered in the whole area of it. The inhabitants deal with agriculture, some larger farms even with cattle breeding. On the farms there also developed some second jobs, like cultivation of vegetables, egg production, baking bread and biscuits.

The municipality praises with cultural and natural heritage and offers numerous opportunities for spending free time and recreation or resting and relaxing walks in the nature, cycling, hiking, horse riding and fishing.

Inside the municipality there are many organizations that retain tradition and culture, support sport and recreation and are the carrier of social life there. In the touristic field there actively works the tourist association Sveti Tomaž.