In Sveti Tomaž sport is a very popular activity of the locals in their free time.

There is plenty of space where you can do sports. Inside the primary school there is a sports hall – a gymnasium where there beside the activities of the pupils are often some events or competitions taken place.

In the centre of Sveti Tomaž there is a sport’s park. In this park there is a big stadium – a playground, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a running path and so on. It is intended for the school needs but also for the other locals who would like to do some sports.

The sport’s park is much frequented and meets all the expectations. In the sport’s field there are many organizations which take care that the locals can carry out their sport’s activities. In our village the sport’s organization Sveti Tomaž is very active, in its framework there are many groups quite busy.

The organization and the groups arrange many different kinds of sport’s competitions. For more than 20 years, football is played in the football clubs, also the shooting association Katja is very active.

The members of both clubs reach good results, they attend competitions all over Slovenia and so they contribute to the recognition of our municipality. Here also the organization of oldtimer – fans takes care for the Tomos vehicles. The entertainment, mostly for the youngest and teenagers is carried out by the Slovenian association of friends and youth Sveti Tomaž, which organizes various informative and entertaining events.

Also the association of pensioners is quite busy because its members reach good results at nine pin bowling where the ball is fixed on a rope.